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PPC to promote themselves without paying a load of money

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Moving with PPC
Ready to move your business in the online industry and started promoting your business with search ads campaigns, but hold on did you know the best way to promote your business online with search ads? Its PPC (Pay Per Click) services.

                                                                           What is PPC?

PPC or (Pay Per Click) is an online search ad-based service provided to businesses who want to promote their business or products online by posting their ads in the result Google’s search result page. Among all search ads services, PPC is considered as most affordable advertisement program for all kinds of businesses from beginners to professional’s ones. Growing businesses can take advantage of PPC to promote themselves without paying a load of money. If you are in Delhi then you will need the help of a professional to hold all this PPC and advertising thing so you can sit and watch your business grow without any interruption.
PPC services you can avail of in Delhi
You can say PPC is based on Google’s adverts or search ads but there more platforms where you take advantage of PPC marketing in different ways.

                                           Online platforms which provide PPC services:

• Google’s advert
• Amazon marketplace
• Facebook
• Linkedin
• Twitter
And many more service providers.
As we know Google’s PPC services are based on adverts and search results but the other platforms we have discussed also provide PPC for both emerging businesses and early established companies but their way of interactions and their services & charges are different from each other. There are many digital marketing agencies in Delhi which provide all kind PPC services available in the online market. If your wish is to be better than other businesses then you can do it this way by hiring one of the best digital marketing companies in Delhi i.e. Ekwik Digital.
Ekwik digital as a companion to start your online journey
When talking of digital marketing agencies you can put your custody in Ekwik digitals hand, because Ekwik digital’s PPC services are way better than other digital marketing agencies in Delhi. After all, Ekwik digital run PPC campaigns for your business on different online marketing platforms and our customer executives are very well familiar with the interface of all social media and adverts programs, with their years of experience and their vast knowledge of digital marketing they can find what’s your business’s online needs and what is much profitable for you at a price point you can’t regret.

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Pricing Plans



  • 3 Project
  • 5 GB storage
  • 10 Collaborators
  • 100 Accounts


  • 5 Project
  • 7 GB storage
  • 13 Collaborators
  • 100 Accounts


  • 7 projects
  • 10 GB storage
  • 13 Collaborators
  • 100 Accounts